Whether it is a shower drain clogged with hair, or your toddler keeps flushing toys down the toilet, clogged drains can make even the simplest everyday tasks inconvenient. Clogs may seem inevitable, but regular drain cleaning can help prevent clogs and help your pipes last longer. Clogs may seem like an easy fix to most people, but many at-home solutions actually do more harm than good. If you have a clog in your home or workplace, call a certified plumber who can provide a safe and frustration-free drain cleaning.

Signs of a Clog

● Slow Draining Water: If it takes longer than usual for water to go down the drain, there may be a clog.

● Toilet Not Flushing Properly: When a toilet does not flush properly, it may be a sign of low water pressure due to a clog.

● Bad Odor or Dirty Water: If your pipe is clogged, it may be the perfect place for bacteria to gather. A large amount of bacteria could lead to your water looking dirty or having a terrible odor.

● Backup: Badly clogged drains make it difficult for water to get through the pipes. Because of this, some water may come back up through the drains. This water can be extremely harmful if consumed, and the problem should be taken care of immediately.

● Gurgling Noise: If you hear strange noises such as gurgling coming from your pipes, it probably means you have a clog.

Causes and Prevention

Food Waste: Know what kinds of things can be put through the garbage disposal. Only small pieces of food should be put down the disposal. Liquid grease should never be put through the disposal, as it can harden and clog the pipes.

● Hair: Hair will almost inevitably find its way down the shower drain. However, there are screens you can put over the drain to avoid this. Even a few pieces of hair during each shower will eventually add up and cause a bigger problem. Screens should be cleaned regularly.

● Hygiene Products: The only things that should be flushed down a toilet are toilet paper and sewage. Anything else, or even large amounts of these things, adds to the chances of a clog. If a large amount of toilet paper or sewage needs to be flushed, it should be done in multiple flushes to reduce that chance.

Why Hire a Plumber to Clean Your Drains?

● Chemical Cleaners: Chemical cleaners have been shown to lessen the lifespan of pipes. The active ingredient in most drain cleaners will weaken pipes, which will in turn lead to leaks. It can break down the walls of the pipes causing a porous surface ideal for collecting objects that will clog the pipes.

● Recommendation: To prevent clogs, it is advised to have a plumber come and clean your pipes annually. This will help prevent clogs and keep your pipes working longer. Mann Plumbing will use rotary drain cleaning machines to remove blockages. We also utilize high pressure jetter machines that can remove grease and debris using hot water at high pressures.

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