When it comes to toilets, most people try to avoid talking about them. However, any problems with your toilet could lead to cascading issues. The most common toilet repair relates to clogging. But there are many other issues that can need repair and even more that could require a new toilet installation.


● Many things can lead to clogged toilets. Simply flushing too much toilet paper or non-flushable items are the most common causes. Children love throwing non-flushable items into the toilet to see what happens. Hair is another common cause that most people do not even think twice about flushing. Finally, low-flush toilets tend to become clogged more often due to their low water pressure. While low-flush toilets can be a more efficient alternative to traditional toilets, owners will have to deal with this issue.

● So how can you prevent toilet clogging? First, know what can and cannot be flushed. Try to stick to toilet paper and products labeled as flushable. If toilet paper seems to be the culprit, an easy solution is to flush multiple times instead of flushing everything at once. If your toilet does not seem to be clogged, but the flush seems slower than usual, you can still plunge. This would indicate that a blockage is beginning to form but is not yet blocking the whole pipe.

● Why call a professional? Sometimes, clogging can be solved with a plunger. However, frequent clogging can be a sign of a bigger problem. Even if it is not a frequent problem, sometimes a plunger simply does not work. Plumbers everywhere have seen that store-bought or online solutions may solve the immediate problem, but cause more harm than good. Because of this, it is highly recommended that you call a professional plumbing service to ensure the problem is taken care of.

Other Common Problems

● Cracks: Cracks in the base of your toilet, no matter how small, can always get worse and cause major water damage to your home or business. As soon as a crack is spotted, it is important to get it looked at and fixed.

● Old Toilets: If you have an old toilet that is constantly needing repairs, it is most likely time to replace the toilet. Paying for repairs is often more expensive than buying a brand new toilet would be. If your water bill is increasing even if you are using the same amount of water, it may also be time for a new toilet. There could be something wrong with it, or it could just be getting old. Either way, new toilets use less water while also having a stronger flush.

● Rust Buildup: If the tank of your toilet begins to rust, it is probably time for a new toilet. If the rust gets bad enough, your toilet will begin to leak, and no one wants that.

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