When your business or home needs a total repiping, it can be a daunting task. However, Mann Plumbing will make it a lot less scary. We can walk you through the process and make sure you get the right solution. Chances are a repiping is the cheaper way to go instead of continually paying for repairs.

How To Know When It’s Time for a Repiping

● Low Water Pressure: If you are experiencing low water pressure, your pipes may need to be replaced. Low water pressure is not only irritating, but can also lead to higher water bills. It usually takes longer to shower or wash your hands when there is not enough pressure to get the soap off.

● Consistent Leaks: If you are having the constant issue of leaks, you may have weak pipes. If you are regularly calling the plumber to repair your pipes, it may be cheaper in the long run to replace them all.

● Red or Brown Water: Discolored water may be a sign of a leak or weak pipes. Water can turn brown if there is sediment stuck in your pipes and may turn red if your pipes are rusting.

● Bad Taste or Smell: Rusting or sediment may also cause the water to taste bad. It may also smell bad as bacteria grows in the pipes.

Water Not Heating Properly: Water should not take very long to heat up. If it takes a very long time for your water to heat up, there may be a problem with your pipes.

Lead Pipes: Lead was okay to have in pipes until 1986, so if you have not repiped your home or business since then, it is definitely something you should do. Lead can make you very ill so it is important to fix this problem as soon as possible.

Types of Pipes

Copper: Copper is the most sustainable type of pipe. Copper is heat and bacteria resistant and safer in extreme weather conditions. However, they are prone to pinhole leaks.

● PEX: PEX piping is the most cost-efficient piping to install. It is not prone to pinhole leaks like copper. It is very durable in extreme temperatures and is resistant to bursting.

Steel: Steel is very durable as well and will not rust. Steel is also reliable in extreme temperatures. If you live near an ocean, steel is probably the best choice for you as it will not corrode with salt water.

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