Mann Plumbing will always try to repair your water heater when possible, but sometimes it simply cannot be done. For residential clients, this usually means replacing an old tanked water heater with a new one, but we also install tankless water heaters and electric water heaters. For commercial clients, we install large, high-efficiency gas and electric water heaters. These installations can take place in just about any kind of business, including restaurants, healthcare facilities, and motels. Mann Plumbing will take all of our clients through the process of choosing the right water heater for their home or business, and our qualified employees will happily install the heater for you.

Residential Water Heaters

● Tank-Based Water Heaters: Tank-based water heaters cost about $300-$600 for the best quality units. This is significantly less expensive than other types of water heaters, but you will see higher utility bills. They are also cheaper to maintain due to the simpler technology involved. These units take a long time to recharge, so families often run out of hot water if everyone is showering right after each other. Tank-based water heaters also have a short lifespan of about 8-12 years.

● Tankless Water Heaters: Tankless water heaters are very small compared to a tank-based heater. They are about the size of a carry-on suitcase. Because they are so small, they almost eliminate all standby loss. This happens when the already heated water cools down because it is not used. This will lower your utility bills. Tankless water heaters can also provide immediate, unlimited hot water as long as they are used correctly. They have a lifespan of about 20 years, but they can last up to 30 with regular maintenance. They are much more expensive initially but they will save you money over time.

Commercial Water Heaters

● Gas Water Heaters: Gas water heaters can use either propane or natural gas. These energy sources are usually less expensive than electricity. Some gas water heaters, however, need a constant flame burning, which will increase the cost. Gas water heaters have a special advantage during power outages because they will not stop working, while electric water heaters will. Gas water heaters do have risks that come along with it, though. Gas water heaters need a gas line to run. Gas lines can leak or burst, causing dangerous conditions. Gas is extremely harmful if inhaled and can start fires. The lifespan of these water heaters is 8-12 years.

● Electric Water Heaters: If your business does not have access to a gas line, you may need to use an electric water heater. The initial cost of these water heaters is lower, but electricity is more expensive than natural gas in most places. The lifespan of electric water heaters is 10-15 years. Electric water heaters can be dangerous if electricity comes into contact with the water. However, this is rare and electric water heaters are often thought to be safer than gas water heaters.

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